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A Small Business specializing in software engineering services. BONN Corporation (BONN) has been servicing the Aerospace Industry and the Department of Defense (DoD) since 1990.

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About Us

BONN provides high-quality software products and services that have significantly benefitted our customers. These include, but are not limited to, increasing functional capabilities, decreasing process timelines, automating tasks, and improving customer/user productivity. BONN has a record of on-time delivery of products and services with a high level of customer and user satisfaction.

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The software languages most current in our skill set are Java, C#, and C++. However, BONN personnel have worked in dozens of languages over the years and are adept at using nearly any language in very short order. Our extensive experience in the use of different languages, aids BONN in determining which language is best suited to support each project.

Batch Processing

Extensive experience with creating Batch "processing pipeline" type of applications. The main difference between the typical desktop application and a "batch" application is that a batch application is designed from the beginning to run with minimal (or no) human interaction during processing.

Distributed Systems

Expertise in distributed and enterprise capabilities. BONN has the experience necessary to recognize when a system needs to be distributed, as well as how to best proceed in their production.

HD Digital Video

Proficient converting video input (analog & digital) into HD digital video output. Overlaying multiple input sources into a single output and overlaying data values into the output video. Customizable video processing solutions to handle the most demanding projects.


Extensive experience communicating with a wide range of instrumentation and data collection hardware.

Embedded Systems

Experience with embedded systems (Windows 7 embedded and QNX in particular), with strong experience in standardized video production, including overlays and metadata.


Proof-of-concept and one-off applications laying the groundwork for new and/or complex systems.

Desktop Applications

Extensive experience with most types of desktop applications; standard interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications for maintaining databases or configurations; computation-intensive data fusion, turning potentially massive amounts of data into analyzable information by using effective graphing and display techniques.

Mission Planning

BONN was the technology leader in developing and refining low observable mission planning requirements for the F-117 Stealth Fighter Program and the United States Air Force. From 1990, all the way through the decommissioning of the F-117 platform, BONN implemented many unprecedented mission planning, survivability, analysis tools and capabilities during that time period. The software techniques remain applicable to this day.

Special Services

Lean Architecture


Architecture is crucial to the success of any Distributed or Enterprise system on projects of any significant size. Poor Architecture choices at the beginning of a project is the main reason many software projects fail. When a new system, or system-of-systems, needs to be designed which allows for effective development, as well as robust adaptability and maintenance into the future, BONN's background can steer our customers toward better choices. Involving an Architect in the earliest stages of a project not only reduces the risk for the project overall, but insures a Project Design that strikes the optimal balance of risk, cost, and duration.

Project Recovery

Project Recovery

When a project is missing deadlines and/or appears to be in jeopardy of failing, BONN personnel can be inserted into the development team to perform triage and, ultimately, perform an assessment of whether the project can be saved. If the project can be saved, BONN can help guide the project back on course, as well as define a new schedule that can be successful. If a project has already failed, BONN may still be able to recover a significant amount of useful pieces from the artifacts left behind after the failure has occurred. Such recovered artifacts are frequently useful in other projects and/or subsequent projects.

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